Church Leadership Family

  Church Leadership Family  
Dr. Harold received the call to preach in 1972 and entered the Luther Rice Seminary in Jacksonville, Florida. He received a masters degree of Theology and a Doctorate of Ministry there. Then in 1973, he became the Pastor of Westside Baptist Church in Jacksonville and remained there for 23 years. When he retired in 1996 he formed the “Last Generation Ministries”.  For the next 5 years, he used his ministry to help pastors to preach the soon return of Jesus.
            He saved his best for last when he came to Fellowship in May of 2001. What a blessing this church has received from Dr Harold and his family.
Roy and Gena Singletary have been members of Fellowship since they got married. They have 2 children (Josh and Amber), and 2 wonderful dogs. Roy and Gena both sing in the praise team and the choir. Gena is the church Sunday School Director and Roy is the Assistant Music Director. They are both on various committees as well as being Founding Members of our church.
Josh, their eldest, is a member of Tribute Quartet as piano player and baratone singer. Josh resides in Tennessee now. Their daughter Amber is married to Justin Gainey and now lives in Georgia.
Doug & Verona were married in 1973 and have 2 grown children, Jason and Darren. Doug is a semi-retired professional driver and a Deacon at Fellowship. He is a veteran from the Air Force and he has an Air Force Commendation medal. He is a member of the Lions Club serving as Vice President.
Verona is a retired teacher from Lake Butler Elementary school, a member of the Lake Butler Womans Club. and past President. She has also been a member of the Rotary Club and is involved in their Exchange Program.
Both Doug & Verona sing in the choir and Doug is involved in our Outreach Program.
Gerald and Joann are Charter Members at Fellowship. Gerald is Chairman of the Deacons, head of our bus ministry, on the finance committee, and taught Sunday school for 25 years. He also serves on the Trustee and Renovation committees.
Joann serves on the Flower committee, and the Historical committee. She taught Sunday school for 30 years. They have 4 children and 10 grand childen.
Lynn is a Deacon at Fellowship. He loves to sing at worship service and has a great voice. They have 2 children and 3 grand children.