Womens Fellowship

  Womens Fellowship  

Women's Fellowship

Women’s Fellowship Leader : Sheryl Crawford.

Our Mission

     The Women's Fellowship Ministry provides a sisterhood based in the foundation of Christ, offering a nurturing environment for women to learn and live fulfilled Christian lives by improving not only their own lives but the lives of their families and communities.



     The purpose of the Women's Fellowship is to have faith based forums to guide women out of crisis to Christ, by bringing them together in fellowship around the Word of God, equipping them with spiritual morals and values.



  • To provide a forum where women of all ages can freely express themselves and be completely full spiritually, physically, socially, mentally, and financially.
  • Nuture an environment where love, peace, forgivness and joy can be cultivated amongst sisterhood.
  • To enrich and highlight the abilities and creativity of all women as potential teachers and leaders led by the spirit of God.

Join a Ministry!!
     No matter what your gifts or talents may be, there is always a place for you in God's house. Contact one of our ministry leaders to see how you can begin to transform your life and become an active member of Women's Fellowship Ministry.