Mens Ministry

  Mens Ministry  
Men's Ministry
Members are : Doug Deloach - Jeff Gainey
                        Jesse Tyre - Lynn Luther

Introduction To Fellowship Baptist Church Men's Ministries:
     The new man in Jesus Christ needs to be established in his faith. Establishment is the process of building a man into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Almost the first half of Jesus public ministry was spent developing relationships with other men to become rooted, established, and built up in the faith. He desired for these men to have a solid knowledge of Him and to know what it is to obey Him, trust Him, and follow Him for the rest of their lives. The Men’s Ministry has emerged to establish men as committed Christians, husbands, and fathers. The intent is to provide resources that will enhance the individual in all areas of their relationships including friends, family, work place, and community.
     The Men’s Ministry of Fellowship Baptist Church  wants to strive to maintain an environment where men can grow and be more effective in all aspects of their daily lives.  Through small groups, men can meet on a regular basis for bible study, prayer, discussion, accountability, and restoration.
     The Men’s Ministry wants to create an atmosphere in which men can grow and be more effective in their families, their spiritual walk, work, strengthen their relationship with God. To fully understand the relationship between God the Father and God the Son and how to use this holy example as a guide on how to structure their own family life.

Vision Statement
     The Men’s Ministry’s goal is to train and equip (disciple) men to be spiritual leaders in their families, church, and community. “For once you’ve changed the man, you’ve changed the family.”
     Our goals are to strengthen the impact of Godly men through prayer and accountability. To reach out to other men, their friends, families and their communities to make a positive difference in not only their own lives but the lives of others as well. By encouraging the will of God in the life of the people of God through the Word of God.  The men in this ministry are also active participants in leadership at our church (Teachers, Deacons, & Trustee's).

    There are 5 component’s in the purpose of the Men's Ministry. We strive to teach the Word of God as it applies to men. We will apply biblical truths that will teach men how to seek first the kingdom of God and apply spiritual truths to every aspect of their lives.
  •    Learning how to put God First in Your Life
  •    How to walk in Integrity before God & man
  •    Practical Holiness
  •    Learning How to Forgive the Past
  •    Learning Obedience through what we Suffer
Join a Ministry!!
   No matter what your gifts or talents may be, there is always a place for you in God's house. Contact one of our ministry leaders to see how you can begin to transform your life and become an active member of our Men's Ministry.